Tuesday, November 05, 2002

FRZ Editor's Note 11-5-2002

Since fireronzook.com has been taken down I thought it would be appropriate to post as much material from that site here as possible. The posts are dated by original publication date.


Florida 20, Georgia 13 (It should've been 34-13)

We love you too, Mike Gottfried.

Is the cupboard still bare???

Nothing makes us happier than ruining Georgia's season. Face it, the Dawgs thought they had us. But, as we told you in an earlier Editor's Note (dated 9-26) - Mark Richt is awful. AWFUL. Actually, I used horrible at the time, but you get the point. Who takes out a QB who is 5-5 with a TD and replaces him (with a freshman) in a game that will decide your season? Mark Richt that's who.

He must've made some major league promises during recruiting...that's for sure. To all Dawg fans (if there are any still chirping on our site) insert your own Mack Brown, Chris Simms and Major Applewhite comparison and joke here. Two years in a row a coach who clearly made 'playing time promises' during recruiting has cost his team a National Championship. Now that's worthy of one of those MasterCard "Priceless" ad campaigns.

Two Scalped Tickets to the Cocktail Party: $300
Magnet on the car: $10
DJ Shockley Complete to Guss Scott: Priceless

But, I digress ....How was the score 13-12 at the half? How were we trailing? Can someone explain this to me? I would sit here and continue Zook's line of "the player's are adjusting to our system", etc., etc. but the fundamental point needs to be raised:


A first year head coach who is trying hard to mimic the legend but not mimic the legend, with a rinky-dink MAC Off. Coordinator in tow, does not constitute a system! Jeremy Foley would have you believe that Gator fans want to see the ball thrown all over the place and an up-tempo style of football. I want to see WINNING football.

Spurrier coached WINNING football by throwing it. Barry Switzer coached WINNING football by running it. I've found that most Gator fans can agree on one thing - we like some WINNING football.

6-3 is not WINNING football. Plain and simple.

I tried to find all of the adjustments that the offensive staff made at halftime - even watched the replay on Sunshine Network - and found nada. The saving grace: Georgia didn't make too many adjustments either.

If Pollack doesn't hand the ball off forward, I might be booking my flight to Atlanta for the Peach Bowl. Get used to it Gator fans, the Peach Bowl will be our only sniff of the Georgia Dome for the next three years.

Memo to Zook: Great job chewing out the 8th string punter. Where were these Special Teams coaching words of wisdom against Kentucky? Gottfried and Franklin couldn't even defend you on that one. Don't get me wrong, they tried. Sure he got it off slow, but all the kid did was pin UGA on the 11 yard line.

Can we pick someone to yell at you after your pathetic 4th down calls??? Can we? Because delayed stuff in the backfield is brilliant out of a "heavy jumbo" formation.

Maybe I can bring in Adam Rich and he can teach you the Statue of Liberty play they used to run on "Eight is Enough" ...that will get us a first down for sure.

Billy Bennett did his finest Damon Duval impression.

Adrian Karsten is going to beat down Zook next time they do a Gator game. That's a given. You don't walk away in the middle of an interview, especially after you made him wait so you could talk to Babik. FYI - ESPN is trying to help you keep your job.

I'll leave you with this thought ... Does anyone remember Shane Matthews throwing to Kirk Kirkpatrick, Ernie Mills, Terence Barber et. al, in 1990? Does anyone remember Willie McClendon running the ball in 1990? That team won the SEC Championship (someone can tell the SEC office to go to hell - it was a Championship).

I loved that team.

Coming into this year, who would you have rather had at the skill positions:

Shane Matthews or Rex Grossman
Willie McClendon or Earnest Graham
Ernie Mills or Taylor Jacobs
Terence Barber or Carlos Perez
Kirk Kirkpatrick or Aaron Walker

If you picked anyone from 1990, you're an idiot. My point is this ... Zook took Will White (a first team All-SEC safety before he arrived) and coached him down to a 6th Round NFL selection. He's trying to do the same to Rex Grossman. (Who am kidding by using the word "trying"?)

On the flip side, at least Zook was smart enough to realize he's a terrible Defensive coach and gave us Mr. Thompson. You have to call him Mr. or Sir because he's the only thing saving my sanity.

For example:

Thank you, Sir for saving the Georgia game after Ron and Ed tried to give it away.

How does it feel to be Head Coach, Mr. Thompson?