Friday, November 01, 2002

FRZ Editor’s Note 11/1/02

Since has been taken down I thought it would be appropriate to post as much material from that site here as possible. The posts are dated by original publication date.


The following article has been translated to allow easy reading for visiting Georgia fans.

Here we is the day before the 'World's Greatest Outdoor Cocktail Party'...and I ain't got nothin' but rot gut. You hear-ed me correct-like, I said rot in 'a rotten feeling in my gut'. Now, bein' fair, part of that comes from last night bein' Halloween and me feelin' the need to have me a few cold 'uns.

But mostly it's 'cause we play dem Hairy Dawgs tomorrow and our coach couldn't drive his way outta my paper baghead (I wears it constantly, ya know...)

I'm tryin' to be opa-timistic. I really am. But I just don't have the 'strenffff' anymore. Zook has dun' taken the life outta what used to be my absolute favorite day of the week. Satiddy. As my friend Mike used to say, 'It's satiddy! We gets to drink!'

Well Mike, there's a tear in my beer...and it ain't cause my wife left me or my dog got runn'd over or cus' my momma had to stand in the rain waitin' for me to git outta prison. It's 'cause my damn football team ain't got a lick of talent up thar in that Head Coachin' position. I seen better play callin' from that retarded kid on the playground in middle school...and he done threw himself off a cliff in '92.

All I know is I'm excited to see Gator fans who don't have their head up their butt, wearing the new T-shirts we done made this Sattidy. And for those of you who wrote in sayin' we shouldn't be tryin' to make no money off this site.....don't worry, we ain't. All the extra money we git goes right back into buyin' more shirts to send to some of our favorite sports reporters. In fact, you may wanna tune in to PTI on ESPN, once we flop in Jacksonville. Who knows what those guys may be showin' on TV.

As fer you ladies out there readin' this...I'll see y'all at the Landing.